Good Food

Siena has a long and proud culinary tradition which will render your visit gastronomically memorable. Typical dishes include:

  •     Pici all’aglione – a pasta typical of Siena resembling thick spaghetti with a tomato and garlic sauce
  •     Ribollita & Panzanella– like many Mediterranean cultures, Siena has developed bread based dishes. Ribolitta
  •     is a thick winter soup of bread, vegetables and beans while Panzanella is a summer salad dish made with 
  •     moistened bread, tomatoes, red onion and basil.
  •     Tagliata – a steak taken from the local breed of beef cattle, the Chianina, char grilled and served sliced 
  •     Panforte & Ricciarelli – traditional Sienese sweets.